August 07, 2004
National Mustard Day

Today is the 14th annual National Mustard Day. If the country was made up of mustard lovers like me, this day would be on par with Christmas and the fourth of July.

My love affair with this mixture of mustard seed, vinegar and spice began early. In kindergarten and elementary school, I often packed a lunch. Inside was usually a sandwich, some fruit and a piece of candy. The sandwich grew as I did, eventually reaching Dagwoodian proportions when I was in college. The sandwich usually had the same components: meat, cheese, and condiment. My condiment of choice from an early age has been the golden nectar that is mustard.

In my travels I have tasted many, many varieties of mustard. Yellow, spicy, Dijon, grainy, horseradish... I love them all. The only mustard I cannot eat is a variety of garlic mustard. This is not because I dislike it, but apparently it makes me reek of stale garlic, and my wife will stay away from me for days after I eat it (and believe it or not, I love her even more than any mustard).

Posted by david on August 07, 2004

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