August 13, 2004
Eating Green

Many parents wonder how to get their kids to eat healthy. Experts believe that if you teach a child how to grow vegetables they will be more likely to eat them.

I lived with my sister for almost two years and sometimes played a parental role with her kids. I did my best to impart my knowledge about healthy eating to her children, and even tried imparting my love of vegetable gardening. It didn't work.

I finally resorted to bribery with her most intractable son who refused to eat any food unless it was white. I offered to give him money if he would eat one snow pea. Apparently, I didn't offer enough. He got it in his mouth but wouldn't chew. You'd think I was asking him to sacrifice a limb.

I'm proud to report that despite his diet, he manages to grow. He has expanded his culinary exploits into the orange food category. Maybe by the time he is 45 he will eat something green.

Posted by linda on August 13, 2004


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