August 19, 2004
A Chain Meat and Three

Yesterday, we faced in our usual quandary about where to eat lunch. Our small town has a couple of decent pork barbeque spots, but little else in the way of good food. The chain restaurants are less than thrilling, and we were about to head to Taco Bell when my mom arrived and had an inspiration: Cracker Barrel.

We are big fans of Cracker Barrel, especially when we take road trips. The vegetables are always fresh, the food is hot, and the service is usually prompt and courteous. For a chain, the food has great flavor, and reminds me of the small town "meat and threes" that exist all over the south. The biscuits are buttery bits of heaven, too. For these reasons, it is our favorite chain restaurant.

One other good thing about Cracker Barrel: when my wife and I lived in Salt Lake City, the only place in town (besides our kitchen) with a decent glass of iced tea was the local Cracker Barrel. Sitting there with a sweet tea always put me back in a southern state of mind.

Posted by david on August 19, 2004

The problem arises when the meal is done and we have to get back in the car. Their meals are like a 150cc shot of tryptophan, so my wife drives.

I love their breakfasts.

Posted by: Brad on August 27, 2004 01:30 PM

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