August 23, 2004
The Fruits (and Vegetables) Of Our Labor

Some days, I am envious of my wife's chosen profession of massage therapy. This evening was a perfect example, when she walked in the door bearing a sack of tomatoes (freshly picked: romas, better boys and beefsteaks), a gift from a client.

Linda deals directly with her clients, and they love her. At various times in her practice she has been showered with gifts from her clients' gardens. Fresh spinach, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and squash have all unexpectedly graced our table due to the kindness of her clients. The preponderance of gentleman (and gentlewoman) farmers not only makes conversation a joy in her work, but also oftentimes lunch. Her clients have also given bread, cakes, cookies and fudge as tokens of thanks and friendship.

My job, unfortunately, is in IT, and I am more likely to have rotten vegetables figuratively thrown my way than fresh ones given to me, especially when deadlines are tight and problems arise. Now I know why my wife left the computer world for massage therapy...

Posted by david on August 23, 2004

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