August 26, 2004
Limeade For Summer Refreshment

In my attempt to kick my Pepsi habit, I've been experimenting with fruit beverages this summer. Three shots of cranberry juice to a 16 ounce tumbler of water has gotten old, so I decided to try my hand at good old-fashioned home-made lemonade. I like mine strong and sour, so it doesn't taste watered down when the ice melts.

Shortly after I became fixated on lemonade, the price of lemons went up. Limes were 10 for a dollar in our local grocery, so the market decided that I would try limeade instead. David says the limeade has a more rounded citrus flavor than the lemon. Not only that, but when the citrus prices at the supermarket jumped, I found our local Hispanic markets still had reasonable prices on their limes.

To squeeze and enjoy this simple pleasure of summer, click "more."


8 limes
1/4 C sugar
4 C water

Juice limes and combine with sugar in pitcher. Add water and stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Adjust sweetness for taste. Serve over ice.

Posted by linda on August 26, 2004

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