September 06, 2004
Salads From The Lawn and Garden

At our house, a salad is never a lonely section of iceberg lettuce. Our garden offers greens of several varieties, from arugula (aka rocket, as I've heard it called in the south), mixed lettuces, and herbs. Added to the greens (and also from our garden) are a seasonal combination of: green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, several varieties of pepper, carrots, beets and radishes (I'm sure I'm forgetting something...). These make up a standard salad for us.

To keep things interesting, we often add avocado (I wish we had a Haas avocado tree), some grilled chicken, boiled eggs, or anything leftover in the refrigerator. My wife has even been known to collect young dandelion leaves and put them in the salad. A unique addition to our summer salads is nasturtium leaves and flowers. This edible plant adds a peppery bite (not unlike arugula, and its showy flowers look as good as they taste.

Summer salads are a staple for us. Relatively quick to prepare, they make us feel like we are doing a great thing for ourselves by eating a healthy meal of food we've largely grown ourselves.

Posted by david on September 06, 2004

Whattaya say ya send me one of those salads this way?

I have to say, you are doing a great thing and as you know, I'm a salad freak so, for those about to eat salad, I salute you.

Posted by: Lena on September 13, 2004 12:35 AM


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Posted by: texas hold em on November 26, 2004 02:37 PM
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