September 25, 2004
Food In Austin

We just got back from Austin, TX where we traveled for the Austin City Limits music festival. Whenever we're dining in an unfamiliar town, eating is always an adventure. We tend to use my parents' on-the-road restaurant guide-- if it's crowded, then our chances of finding decent food is better.

This leads me to a funny story. Using this theory in one of their many excursions around the country, my parents pulled off the road in the middle of one afternoon and booked a room at a motel with a restaurant attached. Mom was excited to see that the parking lot to the eatery was packed and, therefore, was really looking forward to dinner. Unfortunately, they discovered the restaurant had been closed for some time and was actually a used car lot. No plan is fool-proof.

We were lucky in Austin this trip. We managed to eat at several good restaurants, tex-mex eateries topping the list. First on the venue was El Sol E La Luna, a little family owned eatery with live music and highly recommended mole sauces. We don't have a good noodle house in our area, so in downtown Austin we were delighted to discover Noodle-ism. The tex-mex just got better, when up the street from the first place we found Guero's Taco Bar. Their vegetable-seasoned chicken made their enchiladas special and their guacamole was very fresh-tasting.

Posted by linda on September 25, 2004

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