October 11, 2004
Corn Dogs

My wife and I are extremely food-compatible. With adventurous palates, there is little that we cannot share and enjoy together. Unfortunately, though, she cannot fathom the joys I find in that great American treat, the corn dog.

When I read this article profiling the inventors of the corn dog, I had to chuckle. In my adult, pre-marriage life, I always kept a stash of corn dogs in the freezer. These snacks (and sometimes meals) were perfect when I was in-between grocery shopping visits and just wanted something to tide me over.

When it comes to corn dogs, I am a purist. Put dab of yellow mustard on my plate, add corn dog and it's mealtime. I never saw people put ketchup on hot dogs before I moved south, but to each his own. My favorite corn dog is at the fall county or state fair. Nothing tastes better (though the deep-fried Twinkies come close, I may have to run a couple of taste tests).

Posted by david on October 11, 2004

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