October 13, 2004
Linda's Birthday Meal

Linda's Birthday Dinner

Today is Linda's birthday. Since she worked later than me, I made her one of her favorite meals, lamb chops.

The wonderful thing about tonight's meal was its simplicity. I salted and peppered the lamb chops, seared them, then placed them under the broiler for a couple of minutes. While the chops were broiling, I steamed some broccoli and boiled some sliced new potatoes. Once the lamb chops were out and resting, I deglazed the pan with beer (Sam Adams cream stout) added sliced cremini mushrooms to the pan drippings, then a touch of butter. To the potatoes I added some butter and chopped rosemary from the garden. The broccoli got a small touch of butter, everything was seasoned with salt and pepper, and the meal was set.

Posted by david on October 13, 2004

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