October 27, 2004
Favorite Comfort Foods For Winter

It's hard to think about warming comfort foods when our daytime highs are in the 80's, but fall and winter are the perfect time for these entrées. Here are my five favorite winter comfort foods:

Chili: When I was growing up, my siblings and I would often come home from school to the aroma of a meaty chili. In our houses, chili was always served over rice, and served with a salad. Now, I often make up a huge batch of my chili with Guinness, and we have enough for several meals to add to the freezer.

Stew: Another childhood favorite that I haven't outgrown. The difference now is that I use less meat (chicken, pork, or beef) and more fresh vegetables.

Soup: We love soup, and hot soups warm the body and soul when the days are short.

Casseroles: We love casseroles, they give us the chance to experiment and empty our cupboards. When we are both working long hours, it's wonderful to have real food waiting to be warmed up in the freezer.

In the next few days, we'll be sharing our recipes for the comfort foods we love.

Posted by david on October 27, 2004

My favorite comfort food is Shepherd's Pie, with a thick layer of potatoes on top. Better with an imperial pint of Vitamin G.

Posted by: UncleHorns on November 6, 2004 08:56 AM

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